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RulesRP GuideGuide to Mystic FallsQuick Start Guide

Guide to Mystic Falls

Avatars must be 160 x 200 pixels in size. They can represent your character, it can be a picture of who is portraying them, or it can be one of the pre-mades our founders have made available.
You will be able earn money by being active and posting new Roleplaying threads. You will earn a certain amount of money for everyday you have been apart of this RPG forum. Money can be used in the Outlet Mall at a later time. Our Founders are still working on getting things situated with the mall and figuring out what to sell! Any suggestions may be submitted to Sabrina Lopez.
Outlet Mall
This area is still under construction. You will be able to visit this area to 'purchase' items. Whatever you purchase can be used in your roleplay. If you do not own an item you cannot say you do. All items purchased will be listed in the users Profile. If you purchase a one-time use item you must notify a founder when it has been used up.
Upon Registration members are issued 'Inventories'. These are found on each members profiles and they will list all the items users have bought in the Outlet Mall. There are five categories, in which your items will be sorted. Read below for the standard issue items for each category. These items can be used in your Roleplays. Only items you have in your inventory can be used in a roleplay.

Personal Items: Cell Phone, House Keys
Clothing: Decided by Member
Food and Beverages:Decided by Member
Books: None
Medicine: None

Popularity will come from posting and being active in the community. Other members can 'Up Vote' your posts. This will increase your Popularity.
Members may post as often as they like, whenever they like. You may not spam a post to earn money or popularity. Anyone found doing this will have all their money taken away and their popularity dropped back down to Zero.
Your character can only be in one place at a time, so if you post in one area and no one responds but you want to go to where someone else is you must post a reply saying you left the area to go somewhere else.